Who knew that NEW did IT?  I hear frequently from potential new clients that they did not.  But NEW began providing IT services in 2007, ensuring quality IT support for Southeast Michigan’s small to medium nonprofits. 

Our IT service, then called npServ, was the result of an analysis of existing nonprofit IT support options. Back then nonprofits typically had access to two (2) types of support options: 1) Pro-bono work from friends, family, and volunteers; or 2) Expensive services from for-profit IT vendors, designed for-profit organizations. 

This left small to medium sized nonprofits with a gap, restrictions, or inequities in obtaining the IT support, service, and expertise that they needed.  

NEW designed our IT Managed Services (npServ) specifically to provide nonprofits with professional IT support at a reasonable price. We use an inclusive flat monthly fee to ensure our peers can budget for it consistently. Our method opened the doors of communication, enabling nonprofits to reach out for support. For our clients, small IT burdens were no longer roadblocks to their missions. This unique approach offered more benefits than traditional for-profit IT companies. For NEW, it helped us widen our impact, and build long, effective, and strong relationships throughout the sector.  

Our IT program has grown and evolved as both NEW grew and technology changed. We have adapted and expanded our services to meet changing needs in IT and our valued community. Our expertise in nonprofit technology is unique in the local industry.  

After ten (10) years on NEW’s IT Managed Services team, I see the same struggles continue in the sector. Many nonprofits are still stuck in a scarcity mindset. It tells us that we don’t need the same infrastructure and access that any business requires to function. 

Personally, though, I believe that ensuring nonprofits have access to the right technology and security is vital to our communities. Our work is so important and often vulnerable. We fill in where the private and public sector have left people without vital resources. Nonprofits often deal with disparities of resources, while working to ensure that everyone thrives. Doing such important and life-changing work deserves more than basic infrastructure. Our peers deserve the same access to support as anyone else doing essential functions in our communities. Funding for nonprofit IT infrastructure and systems is imperative for the future. 

As we look forward to 2024 and beyond, the biggest hurdle facing nonprofits in technology is security. The security landscape is always changing. New threats emerge daily, and it is difficult for anyone to navigate this environment. Because of the data we work with and sensitive communities we serve, nonprofits need the strongest security.. Often, however, it is out of our financial reach. NEW’s partners understand the complexity of security, the need to keep costs low, and the significance of training for staff. Ensuring good backups is just job one for the NEW IT Managed Services team. NEW has partnered with Judy Security to provide a next-gen AI all-in-one solution for our clients IT needs. We will be enforcing two-factor authentication and rolling out security training for all clients.

Our team and partners are dedicated to expanding our reach, services, and support. As the IT landscape evolves, we will continue to adjust. We will continue to ensure that everyone has access to the technology required to meet the needs of our communities. We want all values-aligned organizations to have the opportunity to thrive and help strengthen Southeast Michigan. And we will keep doing our part to make that possible.