How can we unlock the potential of our most audacious vision of a just and thriving society?

By working together to dismantle systems of oppression and build resilience. By cultivating deep relationships and powerful learning communities. NEW connects leaders and organizations with essential tools and services that free up focus for mission-related work. There is space for you here, whether you’re a grassroots activist, an emerging or established nonprofit, a business, or an institution invested in social change.

At NEW, you’ll find partners, approaches and conversations that uplift, improve and amplify your work.


NEW convenes dialogue that centers justice, inspires deep listening and uplifts social change leaders. Leadership DELI, Champions for Change and other programs guide and connect emerging and established nonprofits.


NEW connects emerging and established nonprofits with crucial operational and organizational support—from server and software updates bookkeeping and financial consulting to anti-racism coaching and strategic planning.


NEW provides meeting space that any registered nonprofit can rent, as well as customizable private office space for lease, in our 11,000-square-foot building. We’re also home to a growing list of affiliates who share our space and resources.

OUR CLIENTS – Past & Present


A full list of events are available here.


In Centering Justice’s monthly virtual gatherings, you’ll hear a variety of perspectives, not only from nonprofit leaders, but also artists, activists, faith leaders and others. Join us to hear their invitations and calls to action.

The next Centering Justice episode will be recorded live on Wednesday, March 20 (03/20/24) at 12pm


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Cultivating a Values-Driven Culture: The Heartbeat of Effective Organizations

Cultivating a Values-Driven Culture: The Heartbeat of Effective Organizations

As a woman balancing multiple professional and personal responsibilities, I’ve felt the pressure to “do it all.” In such situations, being part of an organization that supports and understands these challenges is vital. NEW, SkySpecs, and EntryPoint have all demonstrated how a values-driven culture can provide that support, allowing people to excel. Do I sometimes work until 2 am when I have a big deadline? Yes, sometimes I do. Do I also feel comfortable and supported to cancel everything when a global pandemic hits or my kids have a snow day? Yes, I do.

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NEW Center Transformation Update – February 2024

NEW Center Transformation Update – February 2024

I hope this message finds you well and that the brighter days are a balm to your spirits! I am writing to share some updates on our ongoing efforts to transform our physical space here at the NEW Center. As we usher in Black History Month I am reminded that dreaming is a revolutionary act. We’ve been hard at work bringing our improved community-centric space – a place where dreams and action collide – to life. I’m humbled by the labor of so many that are committed to making this happen and are offering their gifts and brilliance with so much love! I’m also grateful for the support and patience that many of you have extended to me and the team as the development unfurls. 

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Strategic Planning, From a Strategic Planner

Strategic Planning, From a Strategic Planner

In late fall 2022, we put the word out that we were seeking a consultant to help guide us in our journey. Yes, though I have led others in strategic planning work, I wanted to be present in the process, not facilitate. I personally find it hard to guide others in generative discussion and be active in the exchange myself. I was also concerned about bringing my bias into the process, giving more room for ideas that aligned with my own. I knew I was too close to the work to lead the process in an open manner. NEW needed someone who understood our desire for intentional growth and deeper impact, while holding true to our values and approach…

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