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We know innovation and creativity abound in our communities. Sometimes, though, the hurdles of establishing a nonprofit can keep powerful projects from taking off. We’re here to help with that.

NEW’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program allows people with great ideas, energy, and vision to make change more quickly. You focus on what you do best, while leaning on NEW’s nonprofit status and back-end support.

Melvin Parson, We the People Opportunity Center

“As an emerging organization, working with NEW has been invaluable. It has given us the freedom to put our effort towards our core initiatives knowing that our financial management is in good hands.”

Tamara Tucker-Ibarisha
Co-Founder, Black Men Read

The benefits of fiscal sponsorship

When your project is under NEW’s umbrella, you can accept donations, apply for funding, and start serving the community without the IRS paperwork necessary for a 501(c)3 organization. With this support, you can test out your programs, and take your time deciding how to best structure your work. As a fiscal sponsor, NEW is here to provide assistance until you achieve your mission, or, when you’re ready, to help you transition to your own stand-alone nonprofit or other entity.

Put our infrastructure and expertise to work for your innovative projects.
Let’s start building a more just and thriving society, together.

Ready to take the next step?

Start The conversation

Before you apply, let’s talk, so we can understand your work and how we can help.

The fiscal sponsorship relationship is a complex and rewarding one. Like every NEW collaboration, it’s tailored to your mission.

Interested applicants should schedule a conversation with our Financial Services team before submitting an application. It will give you a clear picture of what we can offer, and help you put together the strongest application possible.

plan your application

Before you begin, be ready to answer the following questions:

  • How does your project align with NEW’s Mission and Vision?
  • What are your long-term vision and goals? How do you hope NEW can help you get there?
  • What are the risks your project might face? Risks may be financial, reputational, or physical.
  • Who’s leading your team right now? Why are they the right folks for this work?
  • What’s the budget for your project? This can be a grant or organizational budget, and it does not need to be detailed.

We’ve designed a template to help you plan your project as part of applying for fiscal sponsorship with NEW. Click the button below to use the template in getting started.


What size projects will NEW sponsor?

We consider applications for projects with budgets $10,000 or more.

How much is the application fee?

Our fiscal sponsorship application requires a deposit of $450. If your application is successful, that deposit is an advance payment toward your fiscal sponsorship fee. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the funds NEW accepts on your behalf.

What does fiscal sponsorship cost?

We support our fiscal sponsorship work by charging a percentage of the funds NEW accepts on your behalf. That percentage helps us defray the costs related to accepting and processing your funds, as well as the costs related to NEW’s annual audit. The fee ranges from five percent (5%) to fifteen percent (15%), depending on the level of support that best fits your situation.

What types of fiscal sponsorship does NEW offer?

NEW has the most positive impact when we work within the ‘Model C’ type of fiscal sponsorship, which is often called the ‘Grantor Grantee’ Model. Fees for Model C partnerships start at five percent (5%).

What should I include in my application?

If you’ve spoken with us and feel like NEW is a good fit to sponsor your project, it’s time to submit your application! To help in that process, we’ve created this template. Our aim here is to gather the information that shows the planned impact of your project, and the alignment with NEW’s mission, vision, and values. We’ll also gladly accept documents you may have already prepared, to help us understand your project. 



Start the process of transforming your project today.



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