At NEW, we honor the rich diversity of people, experiences, and ideas that make up our community. This diversity and the practices of equity and inclusion are critical to our shared success. Together, we’re striving towards a world of empowered leaders, flourishing nonprofits, and vibrant communities.

In doing so, we must recognize that most nonprofits exist because of systemic injustice. Racism and other forms of oppression in our history have led to the disparities we all face today. Our communities will never be vibrant if all people are not cared for and valued. Nonprofits will never flourish if they are not led by the communities they hope to serve. Many leaders will never feel empowered if they don’t get authentic support.

With this in mind, we invite you to apply to join the NEW team. We hope you’ll do so knowing that we’re building a team that embodies our values, and are excited to add to the diversity of identities and experiences here. This is especially true for those who’ve been marginalized by dominant culture. Representation is just a start, though; our pursuit of justice shows up in both who we hire and how we work together. We’re eager to welcome and work with the whole, multi-faceted you. You belong here!

Current Openings

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Interested in volunteering or internships at NEW?

Please tell us a little about your interests and talents so that we can consider meaningful opportunities to work with you. We’ll let you know if we have an opportunity that matches your gifts/skills. Email wjones@new.org


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