A new way Forward

NEW works alongside leaders, thinkers and visionaries, cultivating transformation in our community through relationships rooted in our values. We believe that learning is continuous, and that sharing systems, space and strategies with our partners builds resilience in our sector and the world at large.

Our team of strategists, technicians and confidants draw from a deep wellspring of lived and professional experience. Together with our partners, we are imagining radical new ways of being and working that ensure every person in our community is seen and supported.



NEW inspires and equips mission-driven people, organizations and communities to realize their visions of a just and thriving society.


Empowered leaders.
Flourishing organizations.
Vibrant communities.


Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of an organization’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstone (HBR, Make Your Values Mean Something)

Here at NEW, our values are a set of shared beliefs that guide our work. They continue to evolve as we journey towards our vision of empowered leaders, flourishing organizations, and vibrant communities. We value our work and the ways of working that make for meaningful impact and foster transformation. We value the people who make up our organization, ecosystem we’re a part of, and the communities we serve. With this, we continue forward with the assumption that our vision can be realized.

We value each other’s humanity. We believe in treating people with dignity regardless of their role(s).

We value justice. We believe that repairing harm – to people and planet – requires addressing the root causes of inequity – systems and structures.

We value collaboration. We believe that the best processes and solutions are built with input from the diverse folks they’ll impact.

We value relationships that connect us. We believe that embracing diversity and working across differences requires trust and accountability.

We value learning and growth. We believe that transformation requires continuous development of self and organizations.

We value collective liberation. We believe that the only way to free ourselves from oppression is to do it together.

NEW’s Approach

NEW’s fee-for-service model powers a wide range of possibilities for our community, from free resources and facilitated conversations to long-term consulting partnerships. Our rates are tailored to emerging nonprofits; we approach each relationship with flexibility and creativity, so we can meet you where you are. The revenue we generate sustains our team and our work, so we can continue to respond to challenges with intention and precision.

Our Impact

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