Lead with abundance 

Linda Tam
Chief Financial Officer, NEW

Historically, the nonprofit sector has existed in a starvation cycle. We’ve competed for funds, operated on shoestring budgets, and become used to an atmosphere of crisis and scarcity.

What if we reimagine leading with financial abundance and resilience?

Welcome to Road to Resilience, a space where you can gain the financial acumen to lead with confidence. It’s been designed especially for “accidental financial leaders,” those who have deep “mission knowledge, but less margin expertise. Together, we’ll explore finance fundamentals, developing a budget process, and relaying financial data to different audiences. All rooted in equity and abundance.

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Stronger systems and processes enable leaders to advance their missions. Yet, economic upheaval keeps revealing that our nonprofits’ are financially vulnerable. Road to Resilience offers financial leaders with the acumen and abundant mindset nonprofits to thrive.

“For me, the value is that this program brings back to the forefront finances to more top of mind.  I have the systems built and usually don’t go to look at them until certain points of the year – budgeting, 990 prep, end of year, etc.  This program reminds me to check in on this work, and budget time to tend to these things.”

Jeannette Stawski, AORE

Megan Featherstone
Financial Consultant, Lead, NEW


Road to Resilience is a collaborative cohort learning  experience. Over the course of eight (8) biweekly sessions, you’ll learn alongside other nonprofit financial leaders. You’ll share experiences and nonprofit financial practices with each other. Each session offers a balance of dialogue, engaging content, and real life application. To stay relevant to your cohort’s needs, we’ll solicit feedback and adapt the program as we go.

Through this program, you’ll:

  • Learn to recognize your own expertise while advancing your knowledge of nonprofit finance fundamentals
  • Gain strategies for relaying financial information in accessible and transparent ways
  • Build and strengthen connections with others navigating their roles as “accidental financial leaders”


Orientation & Ways of Being

Thursday, January 11th (01/11/24), 11am – 1pm

*In-person at The NEW Center*

In this in person* kickoff to Road to Resilience, you’ll meet and get to know the rest of your cohort. Together, you’ll solidify your aspirations and objectives for the program, and get a sense of what’s to come. We’ll also enjoy a catered lunch at NEW’s offices overlooking the Huron River.

Your Financial On-Ramp

Thursday, January 25th (01/25/24), 10:30am – 12pm

We’ll discuss the lessons we were taught about money, and how those inherited feelings influence nonprofits. You’ll reflect on your organization’s current practices, and begin to move towards an abundance mindset.

Writing & Reading Financial Statements

Thursday, February 8th (02/08/24), 10:30am – 12pm

Get comfortable interpreting balance sheets, income statements, forecasts, and cash flow.  We’ll also explore which statements and formats are best for different settings.

Budgeting Basics

Thursday, February 29th (02/29/24), 10:30am – 12pm

Writing a budget can be a stressful time. Let’s reframe budgeting as an imaginative, values-driven process of realistic dreaming. We’ll explore different budget planning processes and talk through how to create a supportive, effective timeline. Your next budget season will be less stressful, more focused, and more fun for your whole team!

Best Practices

Thursday, March 14th (03/14/24), 10:30am – 12pm

How do you drive safely on the wide-open road? In this session, we’ll review basic finance best practices. You’ll also learn from your peers’ real experience using these practices. Expect to gain strategies for internal accounting controls, managing restricted funds, and more.

Telling Your Financial Story

Thursday, April 4th (04/04/24), 10:30am – 12pm

You’re a master of numbers, but how do you communicate the facts when the staff or board members start to glaze over? We’ll explore ways to tell your financial story, so everyone understands the big picture and their role in it. Invite a board member to this session to help you bring the learning back to your nonprofit.

Common Financial Pitfalls

Thursday, April 25th (04/25/23), 10:30am – 12pm

We’ll talk about financial management strategies for avoiding potholes and roadblocks along the way to your vision. Before the session, your cohort will choose a finance- related challenge to focus on during our time together. In session, we’ll tap into the wisdom of the group for creative solutions.


Friday, April 26th (04/26/24), 4pm – 6pm

Come connect with your cohort and Road to Resilience alum, and celebrate our growth together! Join us for a final in-person* gathering at a local restaurant in Washtenaw County.

*Note, we’ll be monitoring and adhering to Washtenaw County and CDC guidelines as we plan in-person gatherings. Stay tuned for more info.


How do I know if Road to Resilience is right for me and my nonprofit?
Road to Resilience is for accidental financial leaders ready to take their nonprofits down the road to financial resilience.

You’re an “accidental financial leader” if:

  1. You’re responsible for one or more elements of your organization’s finances. This may be writing budgets, tracking transactions, presenting financial reports, or sharing about how funds are used. Your title might not include the word “finance” – like executive director or operations manager.
  2. You received little to no formal training in nonprofit finance.

If you’re ready to gain confidence, insight, and peer support on your journey, this is for you!

How much does Road to Resilience cost?
The participation fee for Road to Resilience is $250, $500, or $1,700, depending on your organization’s annual operating budget. The actual cost of Road to Resilience is $1,700 per participant, which NEW subsidizes through grants and other contributions. Even if you are concerned about the cost, we encourage you to apply. We will do our best to make it work.

Your ability to pay will in no way affect your  application to the program.

We encourage employers to sponsor their staff. If you want a team member to attend, we recommend first reviewing the application criteria. Then it’s best to check in with the potential participant on their interest and capacity to engage. After that, ask them to complete the application. Invest in your team!

How are participants selected?

Applications for the next cohort of Road to Resilience will open on Wednesday, November 1st (11/01/23) at 9:00am until Thursday, November 30th (11/30/23) at 9:00am. We can only accept one person per organization.

To join Road to Resilience, your organization must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We’re seeking applicants who are:

  • Open to learning, ready to engage, and willing to be vulnerable.
  • Ready to grow on your own and as a collective. You must be willing to lean into discussions that challenge the status quo.
  • Committed to deepening relationships in our community. Participants are expected to fully engage in all sessions to cultivate a shared-learning space.

A diverse cohorts helps us learn better. As we’re building this cohort we’ll consider all of the indentities you share, with a focus on:

  • Your organization’s type and location
  • Your organization’s size and operating budget
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Generation
  • Gender (identity or expression, beyond the binary welcome)
  • Sexual orientation
  • Ability status
  • Role and leadership experience

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What's the schedule for 2023?

The Road to Resilience Orientation and Celebration will happen in person in Washtenaw County. Core sessions will take place virtually on Zoom biweekly on Thursdays from 10:30am – 12pm from January to April 2024.

Orientation & Ways of Being Thursday, January 11th (01/11/24)
11am – 1pm
Your Financial On-Ramp Thursday, January 25th (01/26/24)
10:30am – 12pm
Writing & Reading Financial Statements Thursday, February 8th (02/08/24)
10:30am – 12pm
Budgeting Basics Thursday, February 29th (02/29/24)
10:30am – 12pm
Best Practices Thursday, March 14th (03/14/24)
10:30am – 12pm
Telling Your Financial Story Thursday, April 4th (04/04/24)
10:30am – 12pm
Common Financial Pitfalls Thursday, April 25th  (04/25/24)
10:30am – 12pm
Celebration Friday, April 26th (04/26/24)
4pm – 6pm


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