Tech support is about more than fixing what’s broken. NEW’s team has decades of experience building trusting, longstanding relationships with clients. We strive to understand your unique needs, incorporate smart digital strategy and provide reasonably priced solutions that help you better serve our community.

Curtis Mitchell
System/Helpdesk Administrator, NEW

Terri McKinnon

A Guide for Your Digital Shift

Nonprofits with limited time and resources can still benefit from technology that boosts their efficiency and impact. NEW can work as an outsourced Chief Information Officer, co-creating a roadmap that leverages the technology you already have and incorporates innovative tools and strategies to help you achieve your mission.

Using our holistic approach, we will:

  • Document all existing technology, from desktop and laptop computers, servers, tablets, printers, email, network equipment and other devices.
  • Analyze the applications you use and your workflow through the lens of your organization’s needs and goals.
  • Recommend and source tools, trainings and processes to support your work.
  • Co-create and implement systems for you to understand and utilize your new strategies and track your progress.


Transitioning to Online Tools

Nonprofits of all sizes are moving their data storage, file sharing and more to servers that can be accessed over the internet, otherwise known as “the cloud.” This eliminates ongoing server maintenance costs and the cycle of server replacement.

NEW provides guidance and customized support for this transition, whether you are using Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite and other cloud platforms.

Protecting Data and Devices

NEW Security Assessments help our clients understand how their systems expose their data, team and community to risk. We  identify and help you understand these risks and develop security controls, processes and policies to safeguard your work.

Training seminars, which include interactive simulations and follow-up discussion, enable your team to identify common cybersecurity breaches and act to prevent them.

Problem Solving + Maintenance

Our clients have on-call access to our IT Helpdesk, staffed by friendly, knowledgeable experts who specialize in working with growing nonprofits. We can address and resolve your technology questions quickly and effectively.

Our services include:

  • Hardware/software troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades
  • Network configuration and management
  • Centralized data storage and security
  • Remote access configuration and management
  • Onsite and offsite automatic daily server data backup
  • Server, Internet, network, and data backup monitoring
  • User account management
  • IT consulting and guidance
  • IT project planning


The field of IT is vast and constantly expanding. While there are some new projects our team will be excited to explore with you, the following are outside our scope of work. We respectfully ask that you look elsewhere for assistance in these areas:

  • Website design, hosting and/or management
  • Phone and other telecommunication services
  • Database design or management

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