Board Brilliance


Judy - BBB

Judy Nimer Muhn, Board Member of The Baldwin Center

How can we equip board members and nonprofit staff to govern from a shared foundation?

A board of directors is made up of volunteers who are committed to advancing an organization’s mission. Their decisions shape a nonprofit’s work and eventual impact. But that doesn’t mean board members are always on the same page about how to show up.

It’s time to get back to the basics, so we can carry on our missions confidently. It’s time for board brilliance. 

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Why Board Brilliance and why NEW?

As a nonprofit ourselves, we know the importance of strong board leadership. And for thirty (30) years, NEW has been a trusted partner in helping other nonprofit boards succeed. Board Brilliance aims to elevate boards, and foster governance cultures that support justice and liberation through values-aligned action.

I am on two boards and am a program Director of Tribal program and I believe that all of my positions were enhanced by the added knowledge.

Workshop Participant ’22

Abbey Davis

Abbey Davis
Organizational Development Consultant, NEW


By joining one or more Board Brilliance virtual learning sessions, you’ll become equipped to lead in key areas of nonprofit governance by: 

  • Developing a shared understanding of what effective nonprofit leadership can look like
  • Advancing knowledge of board fundamentals and gain strategies to strengthen the impact of your board
  • Diving deeper into what it means to be a diverse and inclusive board, fostering belonging and bringing our communities closer to equity and justice

Here, you’ll have space to ask fundamental questions without judgment. You’ll build and strengthen connections with other nonprofit leaders.  You’ll gain key insight from our experienced consultants and your peer leaders. And together, we’ll transform our approaches to nonprofit governance.


Board Brilliance is offered as individual sessions, so you can choose which feel right for you.

Board Recruitment and Engagement

In this session, we’ll focus on board governance, recruitment, and engagement. We’ll start with an overview of the nonprofit landscape, and board roles and responsibilities. You’ll then dive into strategic board recruitment, the life stages of boards, and how to set clear expectations. We’ll also focus on prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in board recruitment and culture.


Nonprofit Strategy

Get ready to dive into the dynamic world of nonprofit strategy! We’ll focus on strategic decision-making, and program and service delivery. We’ll begin by unpacking the WHY for developing strategic direction. You’ll then learn about various approaches to strategy development, and the different roles that boards and staff play in the process. You’ll explore guiding questions and identify actionable practices for your nonprofit. And you’ll learn practices that get your strategic plan off the shelf and into action.



Unleash the power of your voice and board influence in championing your organization’s strategy! Together, we’ll explore the art of ambassadorship, channeling board members’ passion to propel your mission forward. Through interactive discussions, you’ll gain insights and tools to elevate your approach to ambassadorship. Don’t miss this opportunity to amplify your impact and lead with purpose.


Finance Fundamentals

Financially-literate and empowered nonprofit leaders are better able to lead with confidence. Money is an important tool to help achieve your organization’s mission. Having an understanding of how the funds are flowing is crucial to your organization’s success. In this session, you’ll explore the basic concepts of nonprofit accounting that every leader should understand. Topics covered include: stewardship via internal controls, reading and communicating financial statements, and budgeting best practices.


Who is Board Brilliance for?

Board Brilliance is for nonprofit board members, of all levels, who are dedicated to stewarding their missions. Whether you’re new to a board, need a refresher, or want to expand your knowledge of board leadership, there’s space for you here. Sessions are for both staff leaders and board members, designed to uplift everyone’s roles and responsibilities. We strongly encourage you to join with someone else from your nonprofit. This way, you can learn together and take action toward being a more effective nonprofit board.

This space is also primarily for SE Michigan organizations working towards a just and thriving society. Given NEW’s familiarity with the region, we’ll focus on our local context. (However, much of the content is relevant to organizations across the country.) You’re especially encouraged to register, if your organization:

  • Operates within Southeast Michigan: Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, St. Clair, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties
  • Primarily serves BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other people of color) individuals and communities OR have BIPOC individuals in leadership positions


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