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Jess Lettlaw

Jess Letaw, Building Matters

Leaders at the forefront of social change must be intentional about the way they approach, manage and respond to challenges. NEW’s consultants can help focus your efforts and engage your team more effectively.

Whether we collaborate one-to-one, with your board or staff, we can deepen the impact of your work.

There are always bumps in the road and lots going on, but we are now in a stable enough place to plan for the future in intelligent ways. NEW’s work helped us get over a very rough patch in our history so that it didn’t become the end of our story.”

Ang Adamiak, Executive Director
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Leadership, especially within our country’s cultural norms around individualism, can be lonely. It takes a village to lift leaders up, launch and support their dreams, and keep their concepts alive as they pivot and grow. NEW works with leaders one-on-one or in small groups to help them focus on their goals. We’re happy to serve as support and a sounding board to those who are leading through change.


NEW’s consulting services, in-depth workshops and tools can provide board members or trustees with essential information to support, strengthen and expand the work of these essential governing bodies.

LEADERSHIP Development

Relationships and shared experience are essential fuel for leaders who are often expected to have all the answers. Our Leadership DELI, Champions for Change and Road to Resilience cohorts offer space to develop skills and discuss challenges with a diverse cohort of your peers.


NEW challenges you to envision a path from your organization’s current circumstance to your preferred future. With an understanding of your capabilities and needs, we co-create strategies for achieving both holistic and immediate shifts.


A thriving nonprofit honors each member’s experiences and ideas. NEW offers facilitation, training and coaching to help you address complex dynamics, build authentic relationships, champion equity and ignite cultural change.


When done with intention, evaluation becomes a way to share power and information. Our consultants will guide your team’s leaders through processes that center those impacted by your work. We’ll help you understand how to get useful input from your clients and community. And then, we’ll help you analyze and share back that data in ways that increase understanding. Ultimately, we’ll help you get and use community insight to adapt your approaches to people, programs and processes. Then you can do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

Our Rates

NEW’s fees are based on your organization’s size and budget, as well as the scope of our work together. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Dawn Espy

Dawn Espy
Director of Consulting, NEW


Start the process of transforming your organization today.


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