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The helping professions come with their own unique joys, challenges, and head-scratching moments. Sometimes you just need someone who can relate. But where to turn? The pandemic has left many nonprofit leaders with eroded networks in a time of increasing need. Enter Leading & Learning.

Leading & Learning is your antidote to the loneliness of leadership. Here, you’ll connect with other nonprofit executives and decision-makers from across Southeast Michigan. You’ll learn from the creativity of other leaders and generate new inspiration for your work. Together, we’ll rebuild pandemic-worn relationships, share resources, co-create solutions, and just be human.

Why Leading & Learning and Why NEW?

Our nonprofit ecosystem is stronger when we support each other’s work. We need space—especially during times of crisis—to innovate, co-create and hear from others in our shared struggle. Working together, we can chart new courses to the just and thriving society we envision – without sacfricing our own health.

“Thanks so much for your warm and welcoming hospitality this morning at your summer breakfast gathering. We met some dynamic individuals and truly were inspired by the dedicated work and inspiring commitments made by everyone”

Northville Historical Society

Watch A Recording:

Check out these recordings from last year’s virtual program. They’re brimming with wisdom, tools, and inspiration for nonprofit leaders like you.


Leading & Learning takes place in-person on a quarterly basis.

September 7th, 2022

(09/07/22) 3pm – 5pm


(12/13/22) 9am – 11am

JUNE, 13TH, 2023

(06/13/23) 9am – 11am


How do I know if Leading & Learning is right for me?

Leading & Learning is for nonprofit executives and decision-makers. This space is for those who have a shared experience with leadership. If you make decisions in hiring, manage and create the annual budget, supervise staff, relate to major donors, are primary contracts for the media, etc., this is for you!

How much does Leading & Learning cost?

Leading & Learning is 100% free. If you’d like to support our continued programming, donate to NEW!

What's the schedule for 2022-23?

Leading & Learning takes place in-person, on a quarterly basis. For 2022 – 2023, gatherings are scheduled for: 

Fall Tuesday, September 7th
3pm – 11am
Winter Tuesday, December 13th
9am – 11am
Spring Tuesday, March 14th
9am – 11am
Summer Tuesday, June 13th
9am – 11am

Join An Upcoming Conversation

Leading & Learning will return on Tuesday, June 13th (06/13/23)