Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Empowering Leaders, Flourishing Nonprofits, and Vibrant Communities happens through NEW’s solutions for honoring the rich diversity of people, experiences and ideas!

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NEW’s expertise, theory of change and thought leadership includes the promotion of, and work toward, a broadly diverse and inclusive society.  Believing that flourishing nonprofits and vibrant communities are diverse, inclusive and equitable, NEW is an ally and advocate in the nonprofit sector, uniquely positioned to offer consultation, training, and services to that end.

Through the NEW Organizational Development team, NEW offers the Michigan Nonprofit Association’s “Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Assessment

When your organization is ready for this work, NEW will assist with the assessment through:
• Board and Staff Assessment Debriefing Sessions.
• One day (or more) board and/ or staff development educational and experiential workshops.
• Strategic Planning Sessions specifically  addressing the outcomes from the “Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Assessment”, assisting board and staff members to develop implementation plans and timelines supporting a more inclusive environment.

The NEW Center assisted Avalon Housing in assessing our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion needs, in addition to strategically planning to address those needs. This included an all staff and board facilitated process, and one on one consulting time across the agency.

The wisdom and support lent by Yodit throughout this process was incredible. She displayed radical candor that was supportive, but directly challenged us in necessary ways. Her invitational and educational approach catalyzed our equity work, encouraged us to embrace the vulnerability inherit in a meaningful process, and allowed us to develop tangible action steps; all while cultivating buy in across the agency. There is no way we could have developed a road map for this complex work if it weren’t for her approach. The NEW Center brings critical domain expertise and unmatched facilitation skills related to advancing DEI in the nonprofit sector.

Melvin helped facilitate our all staff retreat and exemplified similar characteristics!

Aubrey Patiño, LMSW
Executive Director, Avalon Housing