For more 25 years, NEW has strengthened Southeast Michigan’s nonprofit sector by providing organizations with resources, training, consultation, and support to improve their sustainability, efficiency, and impact. Starting in 2014, NEW partnered with ZingTrain to bring together ZingTrain’s business and leadership training with NEW’s nonprofit sector to create a leadership training experience accessible to grassroots nonprofits entitled “Leadership DELI – Develop, Elevate, Launch, Innovate.” Today, the program has grown to include content from other subject-matter experts, covering topics such as Implicit Bias, Design Thinking and Advocacy in Leadership.  Organizations from across SE Michigan are encouraged to apply for a chance to participate in this unique growth opportunity.


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For 25 years, NEW has supported Southeast Michigan’s nonprofit economy by providing organizations with resources to ensure their sustainability, efficiency, and impact. Through our extensive experience working with nonprofits through the years, the NEW team has recognized nonprofit organizations are faced by challenges that are not sufficiently addressed through board training or strategic planning or workshops:

  • Nonprofit leaders may be able to seek and find information related to specific tactics for fundraising or board development, but they have fewer resources to talk and learn more holistically about leadership challenges or opportunities that they face in their positions and in their organizations. They need a conduit to get to the bigger picture and to have the space and time to process what they learn in a supportive environment.
  • Growth and transformation in the leadership realm also relies on support, accountability and the means to engage on a regular basis with others.  Many nonprofits are constrained by limits in human capacity, time, money, and other resources; professional development is often bottom of the list of priorities.  And yet, by investing in one’s leadership development, nonprofit professionals have the opportunity to adopt new practices and mindsets that can extend their impact and leverage their current resources.
  • Leadership can be lonely. Often times leaders are expected to have all the answers, all of the time.  This expectation is burdensome and tiring; no one can be expected to know it all. NEW believes working and learning together, leaders and can know and do so much more.   Leaders in the nonprofit sector are often limited to others in their direct networks and miss opportunities to make the critical connections with those in the broader nonprofit sector that may be facing similar challenges, opportunities, or circumstances.  
With this understanding of the nonprofit sector, NEW set out to develop an intensive leadership development program called Leadership DELI (Develop, Elevate, Launch, Innovate.) Since 2014, hundreds of participants in the program have benefitted from the opportunity to develop both their own personal leadership skills as well as gain skills and knowledge to advance their organization’s goals. The program is guided by four objectives:

  1. Participants will gain new tools or knowledge to improve leadership skills across seven content areas
  2. Participants will engage in a supportive environment for ongoing learning
  3. Participants will strengthen their relationships with other nonprofit leaders in southeast Michigan
  4. Participants will have an interest in continued exploration of the content covered in the program.

Leadership DELI 6 (the newest cohort) will run from February 2019 – June 2019, with sessions held approximately once every three weeks.

Leadership DELI 6
Date Time Content Location

February 22nd

8am – 4pm Kick-Off Retreat & Leading with Zing ACCESS Community Health & Research Center

6450 Maple St

Dearborn, MI 48126


March 15th

8am – 12:30pm Bottom-Line Training Arab American National Museum – The Annex

13624 Michigan Avenue

Dearborn, MI 48126


April 5th

8am – 12:30pm Bottom-Line Change ACCESS Community Health & Research Center

6450 Maple St

Dearborn, MI 48126


April 26th

8am – 12:30pm Implicit Bias Arab American National Museum – The Annex

13624 Michigan Avenue

Dearborn, MI 48126


May 17th

8am – 12:30pm Human-Centered Design Arab American National Museum – The Annex

13624 Michigan Avenue

Dearborn, MI 48126


May 29th

6pm – 8pm Social TBD

June 7th

8am – 12:30pm Advocacy ACCESS Community Health & Research Center

6450 Maple St

Dearborn, MI 48126


June 28th

8am – 1pm Visioning Arab American National Museum – The Annex

13624 Michigan Avenue

Dearborn, MI 48126

Each nonprofit selected to participate in Leadership DELI will be afforded the opportunity to send one or two representatives from their organization. It is highly encouraged that participants attend all sessions, not missing more than two. The curriculum is intensive, and later sessions build off of the content of earlier sessions. In addition, consistent attendance by the same participants builds a stronger cohort of participants over the duration of the program.

Friday, February 22nd (morning) – Welcome Retreat

Kick-off Leadership DELI by meeting the cohort and engaging in a conversation surrounding the goals and objectives of both you, individually as a leader, and your organization as a whole! At this session, you will get a good idea of the good work to come, meet your accountability triad, and solidify your aspirations for this program.


Friday, September 22nd (afternoon) – Session 1: Leading with Zing!

Zingerman’s Innovative Leadership Techniques. Strong leadership and innovative management practices have been key to Zingerman’s success. In an era of increased competition and a very tight labor market, a positive company culture and identity, together with an inspiring vision for the future, can have an enormous impact on customer and staff loyalty. The focus of the session will be on developing individual Action Plans of positive leadership changes that participants can implement in their home business or department. Participant workbooks will include samples of tools and training materials used at Zingerman’s.


Friday, March 15th – Session 2: Bottom Line Training®: Zingerman’s Approach to Training

We call it Bottom Line Training ® because it’s not just training for its own sake or because it’s the right thing to do – it’s training that is designed to positively change behavior. This is training that enables your organization to succeed and helps your trainees feel successful. We’ve worked long and hard to distill our learnings about learning and share them with you in this seminar. Once you’ve assimilated Zingerman’s Training Compact and our Training Plan Questions, you will be able to create training that works for your business. We believe in our approach so strongly, we’ve trademarked it!


Friday, April 5th – Session 3: Bottom Line Change

Some people love change. Most people don’t. Delving deeper into the reasons that some people love change, one is likely to discover that they’re (p)referring to being the creators of the change, rather than the recipients of it! No matter which change camp they fall in – most people are in agreement that change is challenging. Creating it. Having it “done to” you. Making it stick. Helping it work. Change is challenging. At Zingerman’s we’ve learned that there will always be change to deal with and so we came up with a recipe for change – one that we can teach, practice, refine and reuse. We call it Bottom Line Change®. We use it to roll out all the changes in our organization – no matter how big or small they are. Whether we’re moving the office printer or opening a new business we’ve found that using the Bottom Line Change recipe makes it a lot less stressful for all involved, a lot more likely to stick and best of all, it gets the people in the organization rooting for its success!


Friday, April 26th – Session 4: Implicit Bias

Inclusion, equity and diversity are not just moral imperatives they are values that great leaders see as imperative to their organizations success. Explore how organizational performance and community impact (e.g., issues around governance, executive leadership, community engagement, effectiveness of programs) are tied to these principles and what you can do to act or accelerate on this work in your organization. We’ll discuss topics of unconscious bias, operating at a high level of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) at all ranks, but especially on the board and at the executive level, compensation and pay equity, clear advancement pathways + mentoring/support and mutually beneficial and respectful relationships. Feel free to share and brainstorm barriers you’re experiencing to achieving these greater levels of DE&I and possible interventions to address these barriers. This work is best achieved when we understand our roles as Individuals in promoting greater DE&I in our organizations, so come prepared for some personal development too!


Friday, May 17th – Session 5: Human-Centered Design

Being able to problem solve is vital for leaders across all industries, sectors, and organizations.  In this session, guest presenters from the Henry Ford Learning Institute will share their expertise in Human-Centered Design to deepen your ability to approach problems from new perspectives and engage with stakeholders meaningfully.  HFLI defines Design Thinking as a collection of methods and mindsets that allow us to reframe problems and act on them. Design Thinking can deepen content knowledge, teach critical thinking skills, strengthen innovative mindsets, and develop creative confidence. This workshop will provide a high-level introduction to Design Thinking, or Human-Centered Design, along with a deeper dive into nontraditional tools for connecting with stakeholders to better understand their needs. As a participant, you will be able to take these tools back to your nonprofit to creatively engage with clients and other stakeholders in service of transformational solutions


Friday, June 7th* – Session 6: Engaging in Advocacy Strategies to Advance Your Goals

Effective advocacy is a critical part of the policy-making process in all types of organizations and across all levels of government.  Successful advocates require knowledge and skills to create and sustain effective advocacy campaigns. This session will train participants in the steps essential for any effective advocacy strategy, with an emphasis on developing strategic communication skills.

Steps include: identification of the issue or problem, clarity of the advocacy goal (including short, intermediate and long term goals as well as acceptable compromises) and development of arguments for and against that goal; identification of policy decision makers/target audiences who have capacity to execute that goal; selection and cultivation of a policy champion internal to the process; the nuances of effective coalition-building, including engagement of relevant stakeholder organizations as well as a professional network of colleagues who share a common advocacy goal; message development, including a recognition of both substantive and political context; how to employ various types of media, including social/building a grassroots campaign; executing the strategy/conducting effective advocacy meetings and communications; and effective follow-up and relationship-building.


*There is a chance this session may be rescheduled due to conflicts for our subject-matter expert.


Friday, June 28th – Session 7: Creating a Vision of Greatness

Make time to figure out where you really want to go. Doesn’t it just make sense that if you know where you want to end up, it will be easier to figure out how to get there? We think so too, which is why we are such believers in the power of visioning and why we teach it throughout our organization. Our approach applies on any scale – from articulating the future of your organization in 20 years to figuring out a successful in-store promotion. We believe visioning is why we are successful. Come get inspired. And then get going!

The program starts out with a bang with a fun and engaging Kickoff Session that is held on the first date (February 22nd). Participants will have the opportunity to define their personal and organizational goals for the program, deepen their understanding of what’s to come in Leadership DELI, and discuss how maximize their experience in the program.  In addition (and very importantly!), they will have the chance to get to know others in the cohort that they will be learning alongside throughout the few months in Leadership DELI.

There will then be 7 four-hour sessions of Leadership DELI that follows the schedule. This program is designed with the idea that participants will fully engage in the program, missing no more than 2 of the 7 sessions.  Each session is focused on a particular topic and is facilitated by a content expert. In recognition of NEW’s ability to amplify its impact through partnerships with purpose, NEW has collaborated with leading experts in the community such as ZingTrain, Henry Ford Learning Institute, and the University of Michigan to bring innovative and relevant content to program participants. The partnerships are an opportunity to share business and leadership training with grassroots and established nonprofits in Southeast Michigan with a particular focus and understanding of the nonprofit perspective.

In between sessions, participants are asked to reflect on action steps that they identify based on the content they have learned.  Leadership DELI is NOT intended to be a passive experience for participants; individuals are expected to try out new ideas, tools, and concepts outside of the sessions and share their new knowledge and perspectives with colleagues.

The program fee for Leadership DELI 4 is $1,000 for each organization, regardless if they send one or two representatives. Scholarship opportunities may be available, and will be awarded after the selection committee has completed its application review. In your application, please indicate if you are seeking a scholarship and if you are unable to participate if the scholarship is not made available to you. Also, please note that NEW is more than willing to work out a payment plan (i.e. monthly payments); if this is required, we also ask that you capture this point within the application.

This program is a good fit for you if:

  1. You are a leader or emerging leader within your nonprofit organization
  2. You are interested in developing best practices in leadership for the benefit of your nonprofit organization

Information gathered in the application will remain completely confidential and only members of the Leadership DELI Selection Committee will review the submissions.

The Selection Committee is looking for an intentional mix of diverse nonprofits in terms of leadership, operating budget, years in operation, and geographic location and scope. In addition, the selection committee is seeking organizations that will have participants who can fully participate in the program, not missing more than two sessions. The committee will use a rubric based on this criteria to guide the selection process. This rubric will also take into consideration the thoughtfulness and detail with which the applicants respond to the items soliciting a narrative response.

“NEW and DELI effortlessly connected our organization to the nonprofit world in Washtenaw County and Southeast Michigan. It was a thoughtful and in-depth learning opportunity. Learning begets learning and I’ve continued to learn about leadership beyond DELI.” – Riverside Arts Center


“The NEW TEAM was absolutely AMAZING!  I felt the team was very organized, timelines were followed and made sure we followed our “norms” in each cohort.  I always felt we were in a safe environment to express themselves which allowed everyone to participate.” – Henry Ford Learning Institute


“Think their approach to how the sessions are ran are (sic) quite original. Between the items on the table to the plethora of food and encouragement to stand. These options alone let you know that they have really look into identifying effective ways to keep participants engaged.” – The Corner Health Center


“(I have appreciated) The opportunity to collaborate with others non-profit organizations in our community. The chance to use resources provided to improve our leadership skills and ultimately improve the overall performance of our staff. This allows us the luxury of then providing fantastic service to the families who chose to trust us with their most precious investment, their children.” – Foundations Preschool of Washtenaw County


“I took away real ‘nuggets’, from simple things, such as using a ‘Liked Best, Next Time’ evaluation model after events, to connecting deeper with some organizations through meeting their staff at DELI.” – Washtenaw Community College Entrepreneurship Center

Leadership DELI is and has been supported by:

ACCESS Community Health & Research Center
Arab American National Museum
The Ark
Center for Automotive Research
Center for Community Based Enterprise (C2BE)
Detroit Institute for Arts
Educate Youth
Ele’s Place
Fresh Start Clubhouse
Girls on the Run of Southeastern Michigan
Henry Ford Learning Institute
Jewish Family Services
Junior League of Ann Arbor
Metro Solutions
Michigan Community Health Workers Alliance (MiCHWA)
Michigan Community Resources
North Rosedale Park Civic Association
Riverside Arts Center
Sinai-Grace Guild CDC
Southwest Solutions
Wayne County Safe

Aid in Milan
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washtenaw County
Child Care Network
Community Family Learning Centers
Community Resource Center, Inc.
Corner Health Center
Entrepreneurship Center at Washtenaw Community College
Faith in Action
Food Gatherers
Foundations Preschool of Washtenaw County
Growing Hope
HighScope Educational Research Foundation
Home of New Vision
Hope Medical Clinic, Inc.
Mentor 2 Youth
Michigan Ability Partners
Michigan Advocacy Program
Milan Seniors for Healthy Living
Peace Neighborhood Center
Shelter Association of Washtenaw County
UMHS Housing Bureau for Seniors

Past Cohorts

Arab American National Museum
A Beautiful Me
Apple Playschools
Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education
Bravo Foundation
Build Institute
Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County
Detroit Skating Club
FLY Children’s Art Center
FoodLab Detroit
Forgotten Harvest
Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit
New Center Community Services
SOS Community
The Breakfast at St. Andrew’s
The Pink Fund
The Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan
Vanguard Community Development Corporation

Ann Arbor Film Festival
Avalon Housing, Inc.
Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor
Community Action Network
Dawn Farm
Ecology Center
Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley
Huron River Watershed Council
Leslie Science & Nature Center
Neutral Zone
Ozone House
Slow Food Huron Valley
The Corner Health Center
The Dispute Resolution Center
Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels

Here’s what they said about Leadership DELI and its impact on their organization:

“It was great.  We took so many things back to our org and will be implementing over time.  Most useful was probably making the connection between value prop/business model/vision/plan.”

“That we are actually on track and already doing a majority of the lessons outlined.  Learn how to maximize our existing work and processes.”

“Appreciated these courses very much!  Like the courses on Tuesdays so we had Monday to get caught up on the weekend and set up success for our class the next day.  Great trainers and food!  Thank you so very much for making this a possibility and all of your hard work.”

“The session on training was life changing for our organization.  I am much better at explaining things now.”

“That persistence is key.  And being a leader in whatever areas you are working, matters to the overall effort.  It takes the whole team and doesn’t fall to one person or role.”