Strategic Planning

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What comes to mind when you hear the words “strategic planning”? A 30-page, bound document collecting dust on the top shelf of the office bookcase?

At NEW we’ll work with you to create a meaningful, relevant and actionable strategic plan, customized to the needs of your organization. Our collaborative approach develops the requisite skills within your organization for leading the strategic planning process, while fostering a clear understanding of what makes an effective strategic plan.

NEW consultants  work with your organization to assess your its capabilities, needs and opportunities, and to create a viable strategic plan.

Our process involves direct consultation, surveying of stake holders, facilitating focus groups, and presentation of nonprofit governance best practices. We also provide the necessary resources for drafting a focused, effective strategic plan that incorporates all phases of operation, from marketing and branding to internal operations and sustainability.

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NEW occasionally offers strategic planning workshops designed to share methodologies and best practices relating to the strategic planning process. Check our Training page for the next Strategic Planning workshop.

NEW’s downloadable collection of templates, forms, and samples to use in conducting nonprofit board and leadership business includes a number of resources focused on strategic planning and creating an action plan.

Core Values Exercise: Group exercise to help determine an organization’s values and help set direction with strategic planning.
Strategic Plan Outline: An outline of the key elements that should be included in a strategic plan.
The Role of the Board in Strategic Planning: A useful document describing the various ways a nonprofit board should be involved in the strategic planning process for an organization.

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