Starting a nonprofit is a huge venture that requires time and money. Thinking strategically at the beginning of the process can help your organization avoid pitfalls later and get a head start on the path to success. If you’re considering starting a nonprofit, let NEW assist you wherever you are in the process. This guide demystifies the process of planning and starting a new nonprofit, with step-by-step guidance and answers to the most common questions start-ups face. Plus, the 100+ page guide includes all the legal forms you’ll need for creating a nonprofit within the State of Michigan. Download your copy and get your nonprofit started today!

    + Sample nonprofit organization chart
    + Toolkit including various websites, books, and other resources for new nonprofits
    + Recommended Nonprofit Lawyers and Accountants
    + Timeline – estimate time to start nonprofit organization
    + Mission/Vision statements worksheet
    + Business Plan – explains what should be included
    + Articles of Incorporation – Explains how to fill out the Michigan Articles of Incorporation
    + Bylaws explanation and template
    + Budget sample
    + Narrative Description guide

+ All state and federal incorporation forms, Articles of Incorporation, Employee Identification Number, and Federal Tax-Exemption


NOTE: The link to download will expire after 48 hours.  For more information, please email or call (734) 998-0160.

– Attend our next Starting a Nonprofit Workshop event. Cost: $60

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