Starting a nonprofit is a huge venture that requires time and money. Thinking strategically at the beginning of the process can help your organization avoid pitfalls later and get a head start on the path to success. If you’re considering starting a nonprofit, let NEW assist you wherever you are in the process. This guide demystifies the process of planning and starting a new nonprofit, with step-by-step guidance and answers to the most common questions start-ups face. Plus, the 100+ page guide includes all the legal forms you’ll need for creating a nonprofit within the State of Michigan. Download your copy and get your nonprofit started today!

    + Sample nonprofit organization chart
    + Toolkit including various websites, books, and other resources for new nonprofits
    + Recommended Nonprofit Lawyers and Accountants
    + Timeline – estimate time to start nonprofit organization
    + Mission/Vision statements worksheet
    + Business Plan – explains what should be included
    + Articles of Incorporation – Explains how to fill out the Michigan Articles of Incorporation
    + Bylaws explanation and template
    + Budget sample
    + Narrative Description guide

+ All state and federal incorporation forms, Articles of Incorporation, Employee Identification Number, and Federal Tax-Exemption


NOTE: The link to download will expire after 48 hours.  For more information, please email or call (734) 998-0160.

– Attend our next Starting a Nonprofit Workshop event. Cost: $60

For more information contact us at:
(734) 998-0160. 

Other Helpful Resources

• Board Development Tools

• NEW’s Resource Directory

Nonprofit Start Up Series

The Nonprofit Start-up Series was created to help you navigate the process of starting a nonprofit organization. For over 25 years, NEW has worked alongside nonprofits of all sizes, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing newly formed organizations. Our expertise, combined with the knowledge and experiences of the other folks in the room, will give you the tools and resources you need to build a strong foundation, off of which your new nonprofit can thrive. Even those with decades of experience in the sector have found these sessions helpful for refreshing their knowledge and updating best practices to improve their impact on the community. Join us for this unique and interactive learning opportunity!

In Spring 2020, NEW will be offering this series in both Washtenaw and Wayne Counties, open to anyone. You may attend sessions in either or both locations, suited to your convenience. Sessions in the series include:

  • Starting a Nonprofit Organization:
    • Thursday, February 13th – Ann Arbor
    • Thursday, February 27th – Detroit
  • It’s Your First Board:
    • Thursday, March 5th – Ann Arbor
    • Thursday, March 26th – Detroit
  • Nonprofit Finance 101
    • Thursday, April 2nd – Ann Arbor
    • Thursday, April 23rd – Detroit
  • Your First Fund Development Plan:
    • Thursday, May 14th—Ann Arbor
    • Wednesday, May 20th—Detroit

Sign up for the sessions individually for $60 each or purchase an entire series for $200. Follow these links to register now.