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Adaptive Alternatives LLC
Partnering with clients to grow revenue and build adaptive organizations that foster social change.
Adaptive Alternatives LLC was founded by Stephanie Blackburn Freeth as a boutique consulting firm serving local and national clients. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we partner with nonprofits, foundations, small businesses and start-ups to create social change by growing revenue and building adaptive organizations. Specialties include strategic planning, fundraising, marketing and sales, board development, organizational culture alignment, and leadership development.
Rainmaking For Good
Rainmaking For Good
Value added to results. Helping non-profits to do more with less.
Our work is grounded in the idea that one person makes a difference and that we are all connected. Rainmaking, at its core, is about creating Value Added to Results, and the value that one person, one idea, one team can bring to heighten the business or revenue of an organization. Rainmaking For Good provides a variety of services, tools and models to help your non-profit thrive.
Donor-focused engagement and relationship building
Focus groups
Community engagement strategies
Board and staff development - full and half day work/fun sessions
Volunteer systems and management strategies.