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Guiding Harbor
Guiding Harbor
We are a non-profit, child placing and child caring instill tuition for children from birth through 21 years of age.
NEW is a 501(c)(3) organization, established in 1993. NEW improves the impact and performance of nonprofits working alongside leaders to craft high-quality strategic solutions that advance their missions in our communities.   Serving hundreds of nonprofits every year, NEW is the capacity-building and resource go-to for nonprofit management in Southeast Michigan.  NEW defines capacity building as positioning an organization for success by maximizing its impact, leveraging its strengths and addressing opportunities for improvement.

NEW helps organizations strive for the future and build on their strengths to meet their positive potential.  Helping them identify their unique value, understand their relevant resources and assets, and construct action steps to meet their organizational goals.  NEW embraces this approach for the work that we do with small and medium-sized nonprofits.
NEW's team of consultants has translated its years of experience, research and training offering expert consultation, education, analysis, and support for every phase of a nonprofit's growth and development. Our work is based on a model that is driven by strategic goals, yet rooted in practical steps for achieving mission and vision.
To begin a discussion about how NEW’s consultative services can help your organization reach its goals click this link to fill out the inquiry form:

Questions? Please contact:
Will Jones, Program and Communications Manager at 734-998-0160 ext.  206
Lolita Nunn, Chief Development Officer at 734-998-0160 ext. 219
Business Address: 1100 North Main Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Taylor Legal, P.C.
Taylor Legal, P.C.
Law firm with a special focus on nonprofit organizations.
Taylor Legal is a law firm specializing in the needs of tax-exempt and nonprofit organization of all types. Attorney Cevin Taylor, has assisted hundreds of nonprofit organizations with a wide range of issues, from formation and securing tax-exempt status, to reviewing contracts, protecting their intellectual property, governance, risk management, fundraising guidance, and dissolution, mergers, and consolidations, among other issues. He has a particular expertise in assisting organizations in getting reinstated as tax-exempt by the IRS after they have lost that status. He has also represented nonprofits in disputes with local governmental agencies regarding property tax exemption.
(734) 995-2500
(734) 995-4798