Boards need a concise, affordable, and intelligent tool to assess their performance. Our answer is the Board360™.

Why should a nonprofit board do an assessment?

Assessments help you establish whether or not your board has a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities, measures their performance, and determines if they are supporting the organization’s mission.

When should a nonprofit board do an assessment?

Every three to five years and before major events such as a strategic planning, a fundraising campaign, down-sizing, collaboration, etc.

What is the process?

  • Order your assessment online or contact us at (734) 998-0160 ext. 206 or
  • Provide us with the names and emails of your board members
  • A link to the Board 360 tool is emailed to your board members and they are asked to complete it within a specified amount of time
  • Once the tool is closed, we compile the data and it is analyzed by one of our governance experts
  • We provide your organization with a summary report
  • The option to have a governance expert present the results to the board (at an additional cost)

How is the Board 360 different from other assessment tools?

We provide your board members with a comprehensive and detailed summary and data report, identify high, medium and low impact action items, and create a customized action plan.

Do you have a sample report?

Yes, click here


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