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Adaptive Alternatives LLC
Partnering with clients to grow revenue and build adaptive organizations that foster social change.
Adaptive Alternatives LLC was founded by Stephanie Blackburn Freeth as a boutique consulting firm serving local and national clients. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we partner with nonprofits, foundations, small businesses and start-ups to create social change by growing revenue and building adaptive organizations. Specialties include strategic planning, fundraising, marketing and sales, board development, organizational culture alignment, and leadership development.
Aly Sterling Philanthropy
Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a full-service fundraising, board governance and strategic planning firm based in Toledo, Ohio. Founded in 2007, the firm creates solutions for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes, based on the belief that all – regardless of size or past performance – can achieve success aided by effective boards, clear strategies and a commitment to fundraising accountability. Aly Sterling Philanthropy :: Consultants in Giving and Receiving.

1847 Collingwood Blvd, Toledo, OH, United States
(419) 794-0015
LaTosch Diversity & Inclusion Consulting
Helping nonprofit organizations make concrete plans for real change.
LaTosch Consulting specializes in nonprofit diversity and inclusion. We work with organizational leadership to design achievable goals tailored for the organization’s vision, mission, and values, and assist in creating a roadmap for success.
LaTosch Diversity & Inclusion Consulting
Specializing in nonprofit diversity and inclusion
LaTosch Consulting specializes in nonprofit diversity and inclusion. Principal consultant Kathleen LaTosch partners with organizational leadership to design achievable goals tailored for the organization’s vision, mission, and values, assists in creating a roadmap for successfully achieving those goals, and provides tools and information along the way to make the path clear and simple.
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The Andrews Group
The Andrews Group
We partner with Boards and Leaders to create high performing teams.
Your success starts with the right people. Talent attraction, development, rewards and retention are our specialties. We will help you identify the right players for your team and ensure your investment in talent pays off through executive acclimatization plans, executive coaching and leadership development.
We firmly believe the Human Resource function must be a strategic business partner in an organization, and serve to advance the company’s mission and goals. We provide services in all facets of human resources, including auditing your HR systems and strategies to ensure alignment with the organization’s goals and compliance with regulatory standards. We also offer HR consulting by the project (i.e., team building, change management, HRIS implementation, policy review/updates), per hour or on retainer.
Identifying and developing leaders can be a competitive differentiator, and we can ensure your company has this advantage through work-styles assessments, executive coaching, leadership team evaluation and a wide array of leadership course offerings.
The right candidate is more than a set of technical skills. The ideal candidate is also a match with your company’s values and mission. We’re committed to ensuring an ideal fit for new additions to your team.
Ensuring your employees have the skills, knowledge and abilities to excel in their role is critical to your organizational success. We have designed numerous training programs custom-crafted to educate and reinforce key concepts and skills for both employees and leadership staff.
Planning is a key component to any organization’s success. We have extensive experience in facilitating planning sessions and crafting strategic plans that inspire teams and drive results.
The Andrews Group