Build Diversity & Inclusion

NEW has broadened its offerings to assist nonprofit organizations working to promote and build diversity, inclusion and equity, through our new Catalysts for Change program. To help nonprofit boards effectively advance their missions, NEW works with organizations to ensure their leadership is representative and inclusive of the communities they serve. NEW addresses issues of diversity and inclusion on the individual, organizational and sector-wide levels.

For more information on the new Catalysts for Change Program or to register for a workshop please call (734) 998-0160 ext. 223 or email

Offerings will include:

In this four-hour workshop, we’ll review key trends and statistics that illustrate the national nonprofit landscape relative to board diversity and inclusion. Through the interactive examination of barriers to, strengths of and opportunities for diversity, inclusion and equity on your board, you will be able to make a strong case for fostering a culture of inclusion and advancing social equity. Attendees will leave this workshop with a draft Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan and the requisite tools to effectively promote this work in your organization.

Cultural fluency takes the individual beyond a level of competence towards building the internal capacity to nimbly and effectively operate within multiple contexts of cultural difference. These two workshops will explore the connections between our own individual identities and behavior, and the systems of power, privilege and oppression that play out in our organizations and the broader society.

By gaining a deeper and more holistic understanding of their own internal social identities, interpersonal interactions across cultures, changing multicultural communities, and the systems and institutions that perpetuate and reinforce oppression, attendees will clarify their individual role in fostering inclusive environments. Participants will return to their boards with an enhanced ability to support their fellow board members across all differences to achieve their organizational missions, advance inclusion and equity in their organizations, and create social change.

NEW collaborates with clients to develop tailored diversity, inclusion and action plans for nonprofit boards, and can also work with your board to incorporate components from an action plan into your comprehensive strategic plan.

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