NEW offers customized consultative services for nonprofits across Southeast Michigan, offering assistance to boards and management with all aspects of a nonprofit’s enterprise. Our experts work directly with your team to create actionable  strategic plans and realistic strategies for achieving your organization’s near- and long-term goals.

Consulting Services Include:

Board Development: NEW’s BoardConnect® program trains boards to be more effective and helps organizations recruit new board members. Learn more about NEW’s Board Development services and resources.

Diversity and Inclusion: NEW’s BoardConnect® Catalysts for Change program helps develop tailored diversity, inclusion and equity action plans for nonprofit boards.

Organizational Development: NEW assists nonprofits in successfully addressing complex organization challenges and opportunities through facilitation, training, and coaching. NEW’s practical approach to organizational development includes the delivery of helpful tools and resources to ignite and effectively manage change.

Strategic Planning: NEW can work with your organization to create an actionable strategic plan, assess your organization’s capabilities, needs and opportunities, and map out effective viable next steps.

Project Management: NEW can aid your organization’s management with new initiatives, special projects and capacity building. Contact us to find out more.

IT Management: NEW: npServ will work with you to assess your IT needs and capabilities, and create an IT Strategy that’s right for your organization.

To begin a discussion about how NEW’s consultative services can help your organization reach its goals, contact NEW  by phone at (734) 998-0160 or fill out the form below.

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